Most of these pots were thrown by Sharon.  She and her friends have decorated and glazed them so that you can have artistic NON PLASTIC items in your life.  You deserve this!  Are these pots food safe?  All of the glazes and underglazes we use are rated “Dinnerware Safe.”  That said, there are occasions where some of these, and other ceramics might not be safe to use for food and drink.  Pottery that is cracked or has worn or unglazed food contact area, is NEVER considered safe for food use because they can harbor biological contaminants.   These, and other food containers should be inspected occasionally for worn off glaze and structural cracks. On some rare instances, multiple glazes might interact in a way that they can “leak out” from super acidic or basic foods.  You can test a plate, cup or bowl by leaving some extreme liquid or food, such as a lemon slice on the food surface for a few hours.  Questionable pots can always be “career changed” to moxa pot, planter, or other non food job

If you would like to come visit our Fun House and glaze a pot or few of your own, buy a finished piece or talk about a custom item, feel free to contact <> or (530) 824-9100.  We have pots waiting to be colorized, glazed, fired and placed in their forever homes.  ALL proceeds from Magic Pots Sales will be donated to POCA, (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture)

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